Ideas are free, so dream on.

Let me start by saying; ideas are free, so dream on. If you can think it, you can do it. When you stop acknowledging and realizing ideas is when the creativity stops flowing. So, nurture and feed your inner dreamer with creativity, jot your ideas down when they come to you so you don’t forget them and you’ll probably even surprise yourself with the things you come up with.

An obvious hurtle for a lot of folks is cash. Most of us have to make due on a budget. Don’t let your finances discourage you. Some of my best finds and favorite creations have been free. Think of new ways to repurpose old items, see if your friends have stuff they want to get rid of and of course, never forget the alley. Its always full of treasures.

This idea cost me $0 to think up and $0 to execute. I took cuttings from succulents that already existed around my yard. I think at one point this used to be an old outdoor fireplace or grill.

Creativity and a little greenery go a long way to making this chunk of concrete block a welcoming entry to the garden.


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3 responses to “Ideas are free, so dream on.”

  1. Alicia says :

    I would add one thing to clean up the look a bit more. I found some discounted glass 12×12 sheets of tiles (about 1×2 tiles in a running bond pattern) each 12×12 sheet was 77 cents! If you can source some cheap glass tiles like that or use beach glass or whatever you want you could mosaic the “seat” and “front” on the inside and face of the block. I think this would add a shabby chic, re-purposed, industrial, modern, Italian-esque fancy look. Just a thought. 🙂

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