Thinking Outside the Planter Box

Wooden Wall Hanging Succulent Boxes

This project came to me by way of a recent Sunset Magazine article. I had wanted to do something different with succulents and this article was a great source of inspiration. I love that this is unexpected. Creating a wall installation gets them up and off of the patio and creates some visual interest where you might not expect any. Here is the finished product.

Succulent Wall Hanging  Succulent Wall Hanging

Its funny the way things just kind of come into your life as you need them. I started with a set of wooden boxes. (24″ X 24″) that a friend graciously donated after a project. Thanks Kate! They originally started out as painting panels from Blick.  After lining the interior with plastic I sprayed the frames with left over spray paint from another project.

Wooden Shadow Box     Wooden Frames Painted Black

Next I attached chicken wire with a staple gun all around the edge of the frame. The chicken wire was left over from another project also. I drilled a hole in the back of the frame and looped a small piece of wire through to tie it to the back of the box. My concern was that the dirt, being wet and heavy might push the chicken wire out. Attaching it to the back prevents either side from bowing and just helps keep everything secure and in place.

Wooden Boxes with Chicken Wire      Wooden Boxes with Dirt

I poured the potting soil onto the frame and then worked it in with my fingers. The last step was the most time consuming and potentially could be the most expensive. I was able to take cuttings from around my neighborhood and yard to fill the boxes so I didn’t end up spending any cash there. It took three separate trips and lots of cuttings. If you’re taking cuttings from someones yard its nice to ask first but I didn’t. Be considerate and take a small clipping from the base of the plant where no one will notice. Just push the cuttings into the soil and when you’re all done give it a good watering. Make sure it stays at least damp for a few weeks until the cuttings root. Then you’re ready to hang em!

Wooden Boxes with Dirt and Succulents

I used shelf brackets and kicked the bottom of the boxes out about 8 inches from the wall and then attached them to the brackets with screws. When all was said and done this project cost me about $30 for the shelf brackets and $5 for the potting soil. Well worth the money and time!

Wooden Wall Hanging Succulent Boxes


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13 responses to “Thinking Outside the Planter Box”

  1. nikki k says :

    when can you come do my patio?

  2. nadiaqh says :

    NICE! I love garden projects… you made this look “do-able”. Keep it up!

  3. Emily says :

    It’s amazing how colorful this turned out – Love it!

  4. Cathy says :

    I love it! I started making one yesterday. I cant get enough of the succulents from my flower beds now! Thanks for sharing!

  5. samantha staiger says :

    Hi..What an awesome idea!! exactly what my courtyard needs…I couldn’t find on your blog where you are located.. Would love one! I am in Australia

  6. Lara Osborne says :

    How deep is the box? 24 x 24 x what? They look great!

  7. Chantale says :

    Rob, your work is amazing, I really love your use of color and texture. Do you have more stuff? You gave me some great ideas for what to do in my yard.

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