Getting Hounded

When I started considering how I wanted to spruce up my living room I knew I wanted something bold. Given that I rent and I don’t like painting, I wanted something that would be easy to put up and take down. I found some faux leather contact paper at Home Depot and started brainstorming.

What I settled on was an overscale houndstooth pattern. I pulled a pattern that I found online and took it first into photoshop and then into illustrator to isolate it

With the pattern now isolated and vectorized I pulled into an 11″X17″ document since I knew this was about the scale I wanted one of the single “teeth”. Next I printed out the pattern and spray mounted it to a piece of cardboard and cut it out.

The beauty of this pattern is that each piece fits into itself. So the front of each “tooth” fits into the end of the one in front of it when you’re cutting out them out. This makes cutting out all these shapes much easier. You can also just cut one long strip of contact paper the width of the pattern so it really saves time.

Once you’ve got a suitable amount of “teeth” cut out its time to stick em to the wall. I started in the top left corner and worked my way across the top first and then down. Its tricky with older walls as they typically aren’t plumb or level so sometimes eyeballing it to compensate works well. In this case, it had to since I didn’t have a level or a chalk line. To make this step easier I would recommend using either one of those tools or both. Here is the finished product.


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One response to “Getting Hounded”

  1. Emily says :


    This is a really cool idea – I love the look of this! I bet it has a neat affect close up with the faux leather texture.

    I just want to put on some chic vintage outfit and come over for drinks – some kind of martini or something.

    Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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