Chairing is Caring

These old Ikea bar stools came to my by way of the alley behind my apartment. Here is what the looked like when I found them.

Bar Stools

I mentioned in my last post that I don’t enjoy painting but I should have qualified that statement. I don’t enjoy painting walls. But, who does? I love using spray paint. Be sure to wear a respirator if you’re using spray paint in an enclosed space. I started the overhaul by cleaning all the cobwebs and stuff off the chairs and brushing off any rust. Then I took them into my workshop and tightened up all the screws and took off any hardware I didn’t want painted. Its pretty amazing how much studier flat pack furniture becomes just by tightening up the screws.

Bar Stool Repair

The paint guy at home depot would say you should primer these first and that’s probably true. Maybe on the next project. Here goes the paint.

Bar Stool Painting

As a final touch I wanted to do something fun and different on the seat. Since these are a pair I wanted to do something that would tie the two together and turn them into companion pieces. I settled on a stencil I had previously created of an eye. Maybe I will do a future post about making stencils. Its easy! The end result is graphic and bold, which is what I wanted and while it ties the two together it doesn’t keep them from being used separately. Here is the final product.

Bar Stools

My favorite kind of projects are free and easy and this meets both criteria!


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One response to “Chairing is Caring”

  1. Todd says :

    Love it. great job.

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