Recycled Futon Upholstered Headboard

I like the look of upholstered headboards but didn’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars. So, when I finally upgraded to a big boy apartment (a one bedroom versus a studio) it seemed like my futon would be better used as a headboard. Originally the futon was around $100 from Target. After all, I finally had room for a full-sized sofa. This is what the futon looks like assembled after purchase. Note the cheap looking chrome legs. I was more than ready to see those go. Target apparently uses a technology called “click-clack”… think patio chase lounge. It clicks up and clicks down to adjust the futon back from vertical to horizontal. What makes this piece suitable as a headboard is that folds completely flat and has a really solid inner structure. It’s not like a traditional futon with the mat sitting on top of a wooden frame.

All I needed to support the headboard while standing vertical was a few boards and screws that I had lying around in my garage. I simply attached them to the back of the futon while I had laying face down. I added a set of LEDs for dramatic effect at night. These particular LEDs are great because they can be changed to 8 different colors to suit your mood. Around $50 at IKEA. I opted to just sit the whole unit on the ground. It was much easier that way and I thought that since it was over-scaled it seemed better lower. Ya the back is kinda ramshackle but I figured no one would ever see it anyway. If I thought I would be sharing it with the world I might have taken more care to make the back look a little tidier.

Here is the final product. I finished the look off with some small floating shelves. Around $10 each from IKEA. These are great little space savers and easy to vacuum under.

I love using all kinds of lights to add atmosphere at night. LEDs are great because they don’t get hot, which makes them safe to duct tape to fabric as I did here. They are also low energy which I also love.

As always, if you have any questions on how I did this or need advice on making your own, just holler! Thanks for reading and remember, today’s dreams become tomorrow realities.


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One response to “Recycled Futon Upholstered Headboard”

  1. ed says :

    this is great. good job!

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