The Drab Little Dresser

A coat of paint can make a big difference. This dresser was given to me by a friend and was in sore need of an update. After putting it off for a while I finally decided to do something about this drab little dresser. I had seen this idea before so I can’t take credit for it. If you Google “Chevron Dresser” you’ll get lots of different variations. This is what it looked like before.

I used painters tape to tape of the entire thing, keeping the pattern to only the drawers. I used the hardware and drawer edges to help line up the pattern. Once I had it all taped off I took the drawers to the garage for a few coats of spray paint. While those dried I picked up some hardware from the home depot. All-in-all the cost of this project was about $40 with the new hardware. Here’s the final product.

As always, if you have any questions on how I did this or need advice on making your own, just holler! Thanks for reading and remember, today’s ideas become tomorrow realities.


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One response to “The Drab Little Dresser”

  1. Jenny says :

    Looks great, Rob. I love that wall art, too. Is that the girl from “Saved by the Bell?”

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