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Infinity and Beyond

So its a been a while since my last post. Sorry about that. I’ve been multitasking the shit out of life but trying to reign my focus back in. I love the idea of chalkboard art since its infinitely changeable. You get tired of looking at it, you wipe it down and put something else up. Never did I realize how challenging it would be to choose the content of the art. Somehow, staring into the face of a blank, black canvas is even more daunting than a white one. Anyway, other than that, this project is super simple. I started with three sheets of 24″ X 48″ melamine, 1/8″ thick. They run about $3.50 per sheet. I also picked up three cans of chalkboard spray paint, about $4.50 a can. Here’s what they look like.

I chose to skip the primer part that the can always recommends. It’s fine. I like breaking rules. So I sprayed these suckers down, two coats each and then clamped them together and drilled holes in all 4 corners. If you go with a thicker melamine it won’t be so subject to bending but that’s easily solved with nails in the lower corners of the boards too. I finally bought a level so if you think these are crooked, you’re wrong.

I chose to hang them above my bed as a pseudo headboard. Bold, I know, since the black makes this beast look pretty massive. I had intended to give them a little breathing room but the width of the three panels combined turns out to be exactly the width of a queen size bed. Go figure. Here’s where shit got real tricky. I will leave out the details of the first and second attempts at various content for the blackboard and skip straight to the final product. Oh the magic of the internet. I settled on a quote I had seen a while back on the back of a shirt that I really loved and hadn’t yet found a good use for…until now. “MY IMAGINATION MAKES ME INFINITE” TYPING IN ALL CAPS MAKES ME FEEL IMPORTANT. Here’s the final product.

I skipped over all the boring images of taping the boards off but basically I laid the type out on the computer and then transferred the measurements over to the full size boards using masking tape to lay out each word block. Its easier than it sounds just takes a little measuring. Here’s another view.

I like this quote because after all, isn’t the whole point of art to inspire? I figured this would be something that I could look at every day and feel inspired by… at least for now. I’m sure my graphic design cohorts will say to themselves that the kerning isn’t exact and for me this was a big exercise in excepting non perfection. But, isn’t the charm of handset type that it’s not perfect? We’re just so used to seeing it on the computer where you can dial it in to the millimeter. Here’s the final, romantic, night time shot.

Hope you enjoyed. As always, if you have any questions on how I did this or need advice on making your own, just holler! Thanks for reading and remember, today’s ideas become tomorrow realities.

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