Hand Lettering. An Exercise in Patience and Determination.

Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time scouring the web high and low for design inspiration. Click here to follow me on Pinterest and see what I’ve dug up along the way. One thing that’s been peaking my interest as of late is hand lettering. In the age of computers we’ve all been taught that to get it done better and faster we should employ technology. While this is true to a point, it’s not always the case. On my quest for new and different projects I stumbled across artist Jay Roeder’s Flicker Photostream. His work has a quality that simply cannot be replicated solely using a machine. While the process of creating type and lettering by hand is more time consuming, the process is rewarding and the end product, in my opinion is more authentic.

I know it seems like a given that a graphic designer should always start with a traditional sketch. But, because so much of what I create in terms of graphics is intended for the web I normally skip this step. For this exercise, I was going old school. To kick this project off I bought two pads of tracing paper and a stack of sharpies. 30 sheets of paper and a lot of hours later I ended up with something that I’m relatively happy with, at least for my first time out the gate. Here is the “in-progress” initial sketch.

And here is the final product after it was taken into Illustrator and then Photoshop.

Hope you enjoyed. As always, if you have any questions on how I did this or need advice on making your own, just holler! Thanks for reading and remember, today’s ideas become tomorrow realities.


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8 responses to “Hand Lettering. An Exercise in Patience and Determination.”

  1. Sandi says :

    Having neither Illustrator or Photoshop, just curious as to how you went from the sketch to this — did you scan in an image and then enhance with the software, or did you recreate it completely?

    • Ideas Realized says :

      After I sketched it out I snapped a photo with my phone and uploaded it. I supposed you could also scan it but the picture is easier I think. Then in illustrator overlayed all the vector art. So ya, basically I recreated the entire thing on the computer.

  2. Jenny says :

    I love hand lettering. I’m all about Old School and creating fonts. Nice, Metke. xo

  3. karen metke says :

    I love hand lettering as well, I went to an old SCHOOL!!!! great job SON

  4. bluntcrayon says :

    I like EVERYTHING about this blog. Might just have to write YES under every post…

  5. gabtomasko says :

    I have to say, this is pretty awesome, let alone for a first try. I relate well to what you are saying–I too go straight into Illustrator many times without a single hand drawn sketch. As someone who wants to learn typography and hand lettering (never got the chance to take a class), this gives me some hope! I like the simplicity of the work and the added texture.

    • Rob Metke says :

      You’re so sweet. Thank You!

      • gabtomasko says :

        Not at all! While the design is simple, it takes time and effort to make it appear so. I tried sketching a little last night and simply trying to replicate letters can be painstaking. I hope I can get to a point where I can create typographic works without second-guessing myself.

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