Hand Lettering and Typography Experimentation

I decided to take a more traditional approach with the style of type for this project and I think I’m struggling with the idea that hand lettering is not supposed to be perfect. A cursive or handwritten font is more forgiving since by it’s nature it’s more loose and covers mistakes, while a serif really needs to be precise to properly pull it off. If you want to see some amazing, classically styled type treatments,  go to Neil Tasker’s website. Obviously, you don’t accomplish this level of design precision and beauty overnight so I’m trying not to be too critical of my first attempts.

I will note that as far as process is concerned, this time around went a lot faster. I used approximately 28 fewer sheets of tracing paper to accomplish the end product. So I guess, that’s progress? The most challenging part of this project was just deciding on the message. Hopefully I don’t have to explain it but I will just in case…. The message is a play on words of the old adage, “The Best Things in Life are Free”. Get it? Today it feels like the best things in life are Fridays. Maybe if you’re the outdoorsy type though, the best things in life are trees. Here is the in progress sketch:

Once I vectorized the type elements I pulled a photo I took in Yosemite, which ironically is of a burnt out forest that really doesn’t have a lot of trees. I then applied layers and layers of texture and distress and then overlaid the type. Here is the final product:

Not my best work to date but enjoying the process none the less and learning a lot. Hope you enjoyed. As always, if you have any questions on how I did this or need advice on making your own, just holler! Thanks for reading and remember, today’s ideas become tomorrow realities.


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12 responses to “Hand Lettering and Typography Experimentation”

  1. mushicakes says :

    very cool dude. I am in a similar position and currently messing around with photoshop/illustrator ect. Hope to see more soon!

  2. bluntcrayon says :

    Really nice concept and design, the final version is superb.

  3. twentyonelittlethings says :

    Rob – this is awesome! I love your humor – I miss sitting a cubicle away from you! How do you take your hand-lettered type into Illustrator? Scan and trace it with the pen tool…or? I love to know what techniques people use 🙂

    • Ideas Realized says :

      Awww thanks Nicole! I know! Those were the good old days eh. Ya I have been using the pen tool for these. I think if you were very precise with your actual pen when you created your artwork on paper you could just do a straight live trace but obviously it gives it a different look. I just have been taking a picture with my phone and then working off of that on a locked layer in illustrator.

      • twentyonelittlethings says :

        Those were the good old days! Wow – kudos to you and your pen skills!

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