Inexpensive, Easy, Great Looking Headboard

While sprucing up the guest bedroom I was looking for a quick, easy, cheap and great looking headboard idea. I didn’t find any inspiration online that I wanted to execute on but I did find a box of click together, glueless laminate flooring in the basement that the previous home owners left behind and knew it would work perfectly for what I needed.

For a double bed it only took 8 pieces, about half of the box and no glue, nails or cutting. I literally just snapped the pieces together. The whole headboard rests on the floor and is held in place by the weight of the bed. For more depth and a little something extra I added 1″ X 1″ ledger boards on the back and threw an extra set of Ikea LEDs behind it for night-time ambiance. You could also mount it higher on the wall on a ledger board for a more dramatic look.

You can purchase this product or similar products at most home improvement stores and I found the same product at Home Depot for $22 a box. Cheap, quick and great looking. My kind of project. Here is the final product.

As always, if you have any questions on how I did this or need advice on making your own, just holler! Thanks for reading and remember, today’s ideas become tomorrow realities.


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2 responses to “Inexpensive, Easy, Great Looking Headboard”

  1. brassowldesign says :

    Wow, I am surprised at how clean the edges are.

    • Rob Metke says :

      The tongue edge of the far right board shows but since its on the corner side of the room you don’t see it. I suppose you could cut that off if it bothered you or it was in an area of higher visibility.

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