Kokedama Style Hanging Plant Balls

I love plants. It might be obvious from some of my previous posts. Sometimes though, finding table space with adequate light is a challenge. The house we live in only has two south facing windows and they’re not very large. When you’re at a loss for space, going vertical seems like the most logical solution. I’ve seen lots of great solutions for vertical gardening but they wouldn’t work because of the lighting hurdle, so getting the plants into the window and closer to the light was the ultimate goal. I had seen a few DIY tutorials on creating hanging plant balls similar to these but ultimately ended up doing it my own way. I started off with a small potted plant for this version. In another version of the project I used a larger plant that I divided into three smaller pieces.
Here are the materials you’ll need. (Everything was purchased at the Home Depot.)

– Potted plant (I chose plants that only required lighter watering)

Light gauge wire

Sheet moss

– Jute, Twine or whatever you want to use to hang your plants.

Ceiling Hook

Here’s a step-by-step photo set for the more visually inclined and instructions below.

1. Cut four pieces of wire long enough that when bent in half will give you enough room to wrap up and around the plant root ball with room to twist them together. (Using a lighter gauge wire that is flexible enough to bend with your fingers and a pair of pliers is ideal.)  Bend all four pieces at the center (like you’re folding a piece of paper in half) and using a pencil or paint brush just twist the four strands until they’re connected.

2. Spread the wires out like the spokes of a bicycle wheel. Since we folded the wire in half we now have 8 pieces to arrange evenly in the circle. You could choose to either leave the loop hanging below the root ball (I thought about hanging something fun from the loop but chose to bend it inside to keep it clean looking) or bend it so it’s facing inward and will not ultimately be seen. Once you’re wires are spaced evenly, set them on a bowl that’s a little larger than the plant’s root ball.

3. Now just bend the whole set of wires down into the bowl and bend the pieces that hang out of the bowl down over the edge.

4. Set a piece of sheet moss into the bowl. Make sure it’s large enough to cover roughly the bottom half of the root ball.

5. Use another piece of sheet most to cover the top portion of the root ball. Wrap the pieces of wire up around the top of the root ball and gather them together. Using pliers, twist them together the same way you did in step one. Wrap them into a loop so you have something to attach your hanging material to. Make sure to not wrap your wire over plant stems and watch out for pokey pieces of wire!

6. Now use whatever material you want to hang your plant with. In this version, I made a macrame style cradle for it to sit in but in other versions I simply attached the Jute to the loop of wire.

I know this is a lot of instructions but it really is very easy once you get the hang of it. Here is the final product:

And here is another version I did:

As always, if you have any questions on how I did this or need advice on making your own, just holler! Thanks for reading and remember, today’s ideas become tomorrow realities.

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