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Is This Love

This is a little project I did for a good friend who wanted a print created that she could give to a certain special someone. Without revealing too much and potentially embarrassing said friend, the song lyrics from Bob Marley’s “Is This Love” are the central focus, holding some significance for their relationship as well as the imagery of the African continent.

Is This Love. Rob Metke

Is This Love Sketch


Save the Wolves

I always enjoy Outside magazine articles and happened to run across this one, telling the story of the death of Yellowstone’s most famous wolf, called 832F. She was the alpha female of her pack and was killed legally at the hands of hunters when she left the safety of the park during this year’s wolf hunting season. It struck a chord with me and broke my heart a little. The situation surrounding the legalization of wolf hunting is obviously a complicated one but none the less sad. I urge you to read up on the issue and get involved if you can. This post is dedicated to 832F.


Trust the Process

I had a friend recently tell me that she’s trying to worry less and “Trust the Process”. I thought it was good advice and those words inspired this project. You probably need to be a little design-nerdy to understand the use of color and tie in with the message but the statement alone is powerful. If you want to learn about process color click here.

Trust The Process

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