I think projects up, then make them and post them here. I know, revolutionary. My only goal is to inspire you and that’s why I post. Some projects are big, some are small, some are weird and some are more exciting than others.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog!

Check out more of my work:  www.robmetke.com

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Contact me: rob.metke@gmail.com


5 responses to “About”

  1. Renee Luckey says :

    There is so much talent and creativity here… amazing work!!!! I am very excited to see what you can do for my new apartment…

  2. reubix1 says :

    Tons of imagination and creativity on your blog … nice theme, too! Reminds me of my own: Rancho Reubidoux … here’re some popular projects of mine; Cheers!





  3. reubix1 says :

    Hi, again, have been sneaking looks at your blog (I’m at work) and just saw your other palm frond (?) planter idea … wouldju mind if I did a post and included your photos as well as link, to your projects? I think my readers would enjoy seeing them. Btw: I’ve also included you in my blog roll. Thanks, Reuben

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