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Dress Your Fence

Apologies for the hiatus in posting. I needed to take a break from projects as I was preparing to move. I recently completed my trip from San Diego to Minneapolis and am now living in a house with my boyfriend so you can expect to see more fun projects soon. This project was inspired by the trend of pixelation as pattern on art and accessories. We were looking for a way to spice up the boring white fence and wanted to tie it into the house and make it visually more appealing.

The best part about this project is that the boards are mounted onto the fence with just a few nails so you can take it down and with you if you move. It’s only semi permanent. We used Dow Polystyrene Insulation Board which runs about $15 for a 8’X4′ sheet. Home Depot can cut it down for you to any size without additional charge which is convenient since I don’t normally drive a flatbed truck. This is the material after it was cut down. We ended up with the remnants of the boards too which I’m sure we can find a use for.

Prior to purchasing the materials we picked out 8 paint colors as there are 8 squares per panel. We chose exterior latex over enamel since it can have a tenancy to eat styrofoam. We stuck to exterior paint colors in an attempt to not piss off the neighbors with too wild of an installation.
From there we taped off every other square and then painted the remaining squares by hand once those were dry since we were concerned about the tape pulling up the fresh paint. We might have opted to prime the surface since it is a foil like material. This was all trial and error since we had never used this material but found that two coats was adequate with a little additional touch up. We finished off the boards with exterior polyurethane to help them weather the elements a little better.

Here is the final product.

As always, if you have any questions on how I did this or need advice on making your own, just holler! Thanks for reading and remember, today’s ideas become tomorrow realities.


If You Like it, Then You Shoulda Put a (Whiskey Barrel) Ring On It

These great whiskey barrel rings had been left for dead in the side-yard by a previous tenant. Originally we had intended to use the barrel as a planter but when we tried to flip it over the whole thing disinigrated. At the last minute I pulled these from the trash and thought I could do something cool with them. We hung them on the fence and the idea of hanging the candle holders inside of them came after. Easy, cheap and packs a big punch. I think Beyonce would approve.

As always, if you have any questions on how I did this or need advice on making your own, just holler! Thanks for reading and remember, today’s ideas become tomorrow realities.

FREEcycled Outdoor Wall Art

Its true what they say. Sometimes, the best things in life ARE free. When I’m doing projects the only thing better than free, is free + recycled = FREEcycled. It feels good to take something that was about to be thrown away and turn it into something fit to gawk at. For this idea I started with a stack of FREE packing materials that I scavanged salvaged from the garbage. I used about $2 worth of purchased materials to get the final product. There’s a pretty good chance I could have done this completely free but I was pretty set on a particular final look. Use your imagination! Like I’ve mentioned before. You don’t have to spend much to create something that looks really fantastic.

Packing Materials

If you look at the top part of each tray it has “feet” which help it to hold the product upright in the box. Those were not part of this project. So, I cut them off using a straight edge and knife. I want to note that I did not throw them away. I will most likely use them in a future application.

Packing Materials Edit

After I had all the “feet” trimmed off of the trays I layed them out to get an idea of the pattern I ultimately wanted. The cool thing about this material is you can rotate it any which way and it will give you a different pattern.

Once I had my pattern finalized I used hot glue to mount them to a piece of 24″ X 48″ melamine. The melamine costs under $2 and is very light weight. The perfect material for wall art. Its good to do a dry fit, to make sure the material fits on your board the way you want it. In my case it wasn’t exactly the same size so I ended up just letting the material hang over the edge a bit at the top and bottom. Because the melamine is so thin (about 1/8″) it won’t impact the final look.

We’re almost there. All the pieces have been attached to the board just using tiny dobs of hot glue. The final step is to finish it in any color you like. I chose a metallic silver for this since it will be hanging outside and I wanted to give it the illusion of tin. I thought the sun hitting it might have a nice effect.

Recyled Packing Material Wall Art

Here’s a close up of the final product. This is actually a different version than the one shown in the set up but you get the idea. I rotated each tray so that different sections catch the light and reflect it in a different way.

Recycled Packing Material Wall Art

I ended up hanging the piece outside in the garden. I like using unexpected elements outside to help the indoors flow out. I love the way  this super modern looking material looks with the more rustic siding and vegetation. I wrapped it all up with a vintage side chair that I painted neon yellow to help give it a fresh look. I’ll show you how I did that in a future post.

As always, if you have any questions on how I did this or need advice creating your own, just ask!

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