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Trust the Process

I had a friend recently tell me that she’s trying to worry less and “Trust the Process”. I thought it was good advice and those words inspired this project. You probably need to be a little design-nerdy to understand the use of color and tie in with the message but the statement alone is powerful. If you want to learn about process color click here.

Trust The Process


Plant Your Seat!

Remember as a kid when your parents or teachers used to tell you to, “Plant your seat!” when they wanted you to sit? This project gives a whole new meaning to the phrase. This chair is now on its third incarnation. You might remember from an earlier post that this chair has already been broken to bits and put back together once. Since the back on it was kind of weak anyway, this seemed like the perfect final project for this old gal.

To begin the conversion from chair to planter I drilled holes in the seat for drainage. I cut and attached 3/4″ X  1 1/2″ scraps from some frames I had made to create a box to hold the soil on top of the seat. After I painted those out to match the rest of the chair it was as easy as filling it with soil and planting with succulent cuttings. Here is the final product.

Hope you enjoyed. As always, if you have any questions on how I did this or need advice on making your own, just holler! Thanks for reading and remember, today’s ideas become tomorrow realities.

Coocoo for Coconuts

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few weeks… things have been kinda coconutty. Here’s another idea for a hanging planter made out of a leftover coconut. This time, we’re mounting it directly to the wall. Start with your coconut. I imagine this could be pulled off in a variety of ways depending on how the coconut breaks. To get it open I usually put it inside of an old plastic grocery bag and then inside of a towel or cloth grocery bag. When you take the hammer to the coconut, this will help to prevent the shards from flying everywhere.  After you’ve got all the meat out of the nut, drill a hole in the back for hanging.

Now fill the coconut with a little potting soil. Be sure to leave a room before the edge to allow your water to soak into the soil. At this point, I think its a good idea to saturate the soil. This will prevent you from having to water for a few days, which is always a bonus and will help your cutting root faster.

Now choose your cuttings and insert them into the soil. To hang it I just used a small nail with a head to prevent the coconut from sliding off of it. That’s pretty much it! Check out the final product.

And from the side.

As always, if you have any questions on how I did this or need advice on making your own, just holler! Thanks for reading and remember, today’s ideas become tomorrow realities.

You put zee Plant in dee Coconut

This is one of the easiest projects ever. I started with a coconut that I got at the farmers market. The vendor was selling coconut water. Basically, it was just a coconut with a straw in it.  After it was finished I had intended to send the coconut shell straight to the compost. The coconut however, had a different idea and must have known it was destined for greatness. On the way to the compost I thought it seemed too good to waste and left it out. The shell sat around for a few weeks until inspiration hit me. I planted a few succulents that I had laying around, straight into the coconut shell and used some left over leather cord given to me by a friend. I tied three pieces of cord together to make a sling for the coconut and placed it inside.

As always, if you have any questions on how I did this or need advice on making your own, just holler!

Thanks for reading and remember, today’s dreams become tomorrow realities.

Thinking Outside the Planter Box

Wooden Wall Hanging Succulent Boxes

This project came to me by way of a recent Sunset Magazine article. I had wanted to do something different with succulents and this article was a great source of inspiration. I love that this is unexpected. Creating a wall installation gets them up and off of the patio and creates some visual interest where you might not expect any. Here is the finished product.

Succulent Wall Hanging  Succulent Wall Hanging

Its funny the way things just kind of come into your life as you need them. I started with a set of wooden boxes. (24″ X 24″) that a friend graciously donated after a project. Thanks Kate! They originally started out as painting panels from Blick.  After lining the interior with plastic I sprayed the frames with left over spray paint from another project.

Wooden Shadow Box     Wooden Frames Painted Black

Next I attached chicken wire with a staple gun all around the edge of the frame. The chicken wire was left over from another project also. I drilled a hole in the back of the frame and looped a small piece of wire through to tie it to the back of the box. My concern was that the dirt, being wet and heavy might push the chicken wire out. Attaching it to the back prevents either side from bowing and just helps keep everything secure and in place.

Wooden Boxes with Chicken Wire      Wooden Boxes with Dirt

I poured the potting soil onto the frame and then worked it in with my fingers. The last step was the most time consuming and potentially could be the most expensive. I was able to take cuttings from around my neighborhood and yard to fill the boxes so I didn’t end up spending any cash there. It took three separate trips and lots of cuttings. If you’re taking cuttings from someones yard its nice to ask first but I didn’t. Be considerate and take a small clipping from the base of the plant where no one will notice. Just push the cuttings into the soil and when you’re all done give it a good watering. Make sure it stays at least damp for a few weeks until the cuttings root. Then you’re ready to hang em!

Wooden Boxes with Dirt and Succulents

I used shelf brackets and kicked the bottom of the boxes out about 8 inches from the wall and then attached them to the brackets with screws. When all was said and done this project cost me about $30 for the shelf brackets and $5 for the potting soil. Well worth the money and time!

Wooden Wall Hanging Succulent Boxes

Ideas are free, so dream on.

Let me start by saying; ideas are free, so dream on. If you can think it, you can do it. When you stop acknowledging and realizing ideas is when the creativity stops flowing. So, nurture and feed your inner dreamer with creativity, jot your ideas down when they come to you so you don’t forget them and you’ll probably even surprise yourself with the things you come up with.

An obvious hurtle for a lot of folks is cash. Most of us have to make due on a budget. Don’t let your finances discourage you. Some of my best finds and favorite creations have been free. Think of new ways to repurpose old items, see if your friends have stuff they want to get rid of and of course, never forget the alley. Its always full of treasures.

This idea cost me $0 to think up and $0 to execute. I took cuttings from succulents that already existed around my yard. I think at one point this used to be an old outdoor fireplace or grill.

Creativity and a little greenery go a long way to making this chunk of concrete block a welcoming entry to the garden.

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